Physical Penetration Testing

Physical Penetration Testing

Helping you effectively deploy physical security controls in data centers, offices, substations, critical infrastructure and more.

Overview Of Physical Penetration Testing

The objective for a physical penetration test is to measure the effectiveness of existing physical security controls and unlock their weaknesses before attackers can discover and exploit them.

Physical penetration testing, or physical intrusion testing, can uncover real-world opportunities for attackers to be able to compromise physical barriers (i.e., locks, access control cards, sensors, cameras, barriers) in a way that allows for unauthorised access to sensitive areas resulting in data breaches and system compromise.

This type of testing simulates an attack, carried out by our highly trained security testers to:

  • Identify ineffective physical security controls currently in your environment
  • Understand the level of real-world risk to your organisation
  • Help address and fix identified weak physical security controls

Hacktive’s physical pen testers have experience infiltrating some of the most secure environments the same way real-world attackers would. We leverage this experience to highlight critical issues and provide actionable remediation recommendations.